All services carry a labor warranty on replaced items of 30 days. For mobile devices only, replaced screens carry 90 days warranty as long as the glass is not broken or scratched. Warranty is valid as long as there is not physical damage to replaced part and you have a copy of the receipt.
We use the highest quality parts on the market. All our parts are OEM quality. They are tested and produced to the same manufacturing standards as the original screens. Unfortunately, the only way to get an “original” part would be to take a used one off from a previous device.
As long as there is not physical damage to the part we replaced and you have a copy of the receipt, we will be able to change the part out or fix the issue free of charge under our warranty policy.
Take it out from the water, wipe off the device, and power it off, remove your battery (if possible) and sd card, sim card immediately and don’t turn on the device. Bring it in as soon possible. Do not try to plug in the device as you may lower your chances of saving it.
Price estimate includes labor and parts (if there’s any to replace)
Once your device was damaged by any circumstance the warranty protection with the manufacturer becomes void
Sometimes, data may loss depending on the kind of damage the device received, but nothing that we do to your device will cause loss of data
You may be charged a fee for replacements bought and the labor that was done. The fee can be waived if you decide to donate your electronic device to our store.
Since every kind of repair is different depending of the situation the device was damaged, the payment due will be the one printed on the receipt.
Because parts prices fluctuate almost daily, we can't post fixed prices as they might be lower or higher for the day you need to repair your device.