Broken screen or glass is the most common repair on this days smartphones. Most iPhone or android phone repairs are complete within an hour and we offer 3 quality types for repairing your broken screen or glass: OEM, AM and RFRB.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer, this is done using original parts built by the phone manufacturer, the price is highest and the best quality you can get.

AM: After Market parts, feel and looks like the original, but is not. It's difficult to tell and see the difference because manufacturing process are the same as the OEM.

RFRB: Refurbished, this process uses the same phone screen that came in for repair, it's the cheapest way for fixing your screen and it's done by separating the broken glass from your existing working LCD screen and replacing it, with a new one. It works as good and it last as long as the OEM.

Everything is done within an hour or less and we repair your phones broken screen or glass to "like new" conditions.

Our team is here and committed, to repair any type of iPhone or android phone broken screen or glass.





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